.NET Development

Build faster, build better with .NET

Qubisoft is a reliable Australian .NET development company with a team of highly skilled .NET experts based in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. Whether you have an existing .NET web application that was built by another developer or have an idea for a brand new application, Qubisoft is able to help. With a strong focus on security, performance and robustness, you can rest assured that your custom built .NET web application will be an asset to your business.

Benefits of using .NET for your web development


Versatility and Flexibility

.NET web applications can run on many different operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux. These systems can be run on your own servers or in the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure or AWS). .NET is also compatible with a number of different web servers such as Apache, nginx and IIS.


Open source and free

Backed by Microsoft and a large and active community of developers across the world, .NET is constantly receiving updates and being reviewed by countless developers. This is possible due to .NET being open source, free to use and distribute.


Easy Integration and Compatibility

.NET integrates with many different databases and technologies including (but not limited to) MySQL, PostgreSQL, MYOB, Xero and Pipedrive. .NET will help bring together all of your existing applications into one cohesive ecosystem while streamlining your business operations.

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Reusable .NET Code

There are many .NET libraries & frameworks that have some of the more common functionality found in most web applications already built so you can focus on your unique business requirements. Examples include Entity Framework, .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), Syncfusion and Newtonsoft.JSON.


Why Choose Us?

Qubisoft takes a customer-first approach with each step of your app development, taking your business needs into account and modelling all software capabilities around them. By employing the Agile method, we abandon any attempt to complete the entire project at once. Instead, our seasoned team breaks the tasks into smaller chunks, allowing us to hone in on key areas and reduce room for error.

We also work with our clients and continuously obtain feedback to ensure their demands are met. By providing our customers with demo versions, they can see if the app is working for them and if any areas need revamping.

When it comes to testing, Qubisoft uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your app can keep up with the latest changes in your industry. Once the system is ready for release, we roll it out to you and provide comprehensive maintenance, leaving you with a highly optimised product to help your business thrive.