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As your operations grow, the demand to update or develop new processes becomes more crucial to meet greater workloads and maintain high quality outputs. Business owners and managers are often hesitant to expand into new software systems and operating procedures, fearful of potential costs and disruptions posed when introduced incorrectly. This is largely rooted in teams failing to have a clear measurement of the benefits that can stem from the added investment balanced against the costs.

To overcome this, the experts at Qubisoft offer an investigative service built around identifying operational problems, and creating a tailored recommendations report with costing & time estimates for software solutions. Quibsoft professionals will travel onsite to meet your team, review your existing business processes and IT systems, and listen to your concerns and aspirations throughout 1-2 days, fixed fee workshops. Whether you are experiencing time delays behind customer quotes, struggles with unreliable internal performance analytics, or difficulty arranging paper invoices, we provide unbiased education and compile a comprehensive audit document outlining the needs of your organisation, a proposed solution with its benefits, as well as the scope and cost of the work involved to bring it to life.

Business Process Audit & Workshops

Initial Interviews with Teams to Define the Problem(s)

First, we need to define the problem with which we are trying to create a solution. This is done by speaking to the users; the people on the front line using your systems, interacting with customers, following existing processes, day-in, day-out. We strive to give each individual the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions, while our team observes their actions and ascertains their preferences and suggested improvements. No judgements are made at this initial stage to prevent bias affecting solutions put forward.

Collating User Stories & Reviewing Commonalities

Once the initial interviews are concluded, our team progresses to collate the information collected from your users and analyse specified metrics within. This includes reviewing commonalities among the accounts provided by staff members, particularly with suggestions for process improvement, or common road-blocks encountered throughout daily operations. For example, this could review the amount of time it takes for a staff member to complete a certain task, with a list of recommendations from them directly about how to remove/streamline processes to reduce the duration. Throughout the collation and finalisation of this information, we start to identify the core issues that will fill a comprehensive problem statement.

Business Process Audit & Workshops

Building the Problem Statement

With insights into your operations developed, we can progress to build a problem statement that will outline:

  • What problems we have identified
  • Where these problems arise
  • How these problems are impacting operations and the wider business
  • Why these problems have occurred

Each problem statement will hold consistent objectivity and be ordered within a degree of importance.

Recommendations Audit Report

With each problem presented, an accompanying unbiased solution will also be recommended within the report. Our recommendations include a detailed description of the benefits, costs and scope of work within the solution. And this will not be reserved solely to software, but also with equipment replacements, office layout, team management and so on, whilst balancing the return on investment against the money and effort required.

Why Trust Qubisoft to Deliver Business & Software Recommendations

Qubisoft have a long history analysing business needs and prescribing solutions to overcome issues and deliver better performance. Through proven methodologies in reviewing existing business processes, generating recommendations and introducing affordable solutions, we can aid clients from a variety of industries introduce both integrations and middleware to aid existing operations, as well as new operating procedures to revolutionise how you work. Most importantly, all of our recommendations are platform and vendor agnostic, with no requirement that Qubisoft be the team to implement recommendations.