CRM Integrations

How Does It Work?

Many organisations have determined that adding Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) integrations to their existing operations can greatly facilitate client interaction. Through sending push notifications and emails, launching ad campaigns, and making inbound sales calls, CRM integrations can work wonders for your business. But how exactly do these platforms work?

CRM integrations refer to seamless connections between third-party applications and your CRM system. The integrations lead to automated activities that enhance your software’s functionality to eliminate the need to go back and forth between the platforms.

All CRM integrations come with built-in connectors for major applications that complement CRM platforms. Some systems also feature automated process integrations and pre-made recipes, both of which require minimal coding to implement. These solutions can also function as workflow engines and operate as the main controller governing workflows in your CRM, ERP, or other programs.

Key Features

Here at Qubisoft, we take great pride in our cutting-edge CRM integrations. Here are some of their features:

  • Customer interaction tools – accessing, viewing, controlling, and recording customer interactions performed by various communication channels (phone, social media, email, or chatbot).
  • Lead management – you can use Qubisoft’s integrations to ascertain if your leads are previous clients or if there’s been prior engagement with them. Plus, you can assess, classify, and score them depending on numerous criteria (e.g., source, demographics, social media).
  • Sales forecasting – using real-time data to facilitate short-term and long-term sales forecasting.

By adding these features to your business, you can expect dramatic improvements on many levels.

Easy Data Transition

Using a CRM integration, all information about your client’s lands in a single location. There, it’s stored for future use and eliminates the need to upload and download data manually.

Suppose you want to send emails to warm up customers who haven’t made any purchases from you within the last 12 months using Outlook, Asana, or Trello. Without email integration, you’d need to filter clients in your system, find and upload their addresses, and finally, start composing your email.

But with polished CRM integrations, all the necessary information is readily available. Therefore, you can create your emails immediately, saving a lot of precious time.

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Improved Profiling

Not knowing your clients well enough can prevent you from delivering personalised experiences and relevant offers. Having a complete view of your customers is crucial, meaning you can’t lack social media data or store their information in silos.

Using a CRM integration, you can profile your clients to figure out their potential purchases, lifetime value, and many other vital details. The more information you have, the easier you can create comprehensive profiles.

Moreover, CRM additions provide you with a detailed picture of client interactions with your organisation, including initial enquiries, communication, sales, and feedback. You can check out more reliable information, familiarising yourself with your customers, their behaviour, and habits.

Excellent profiling also has a significant bearing on the success of your marketing strategies. Whether targeting consumer or business prospects, effective communication with them requires you to understand them completely. You can resolve this problem by including Qubisoft’s tailor-made CRM integrations, specifically designed for your clients and company requirements.

Marketing and Sales Automation

A high-quality CRM integration can also automate a lot of aspects of marketing and sales processes. These operations may comprise different applications that require information and process integrations. By expediting repetitive tasks, you can enable your team members to focus on more complex projects, increasing their productivity. Some of the tasks you can automate include outgoing calls, data collection, analyses, and marketing campaigns.

CRM integrations also eliminate errors caused by manual input and improve data quality. This enhances numerous company-wide processes, leading to better customer service.

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Why Choose Us?

Qubisoft takes a customer-first approach with each step of your app development, taking your business needs into account and modelling all software capabilities around them. By employing the Agile method, we abandon any attempt to complete the entire project at once. Instead, our seasoned team breaks the tasks into smaller chunks, allowing us to hone in on key areas and reduce room for error.

We also work with our clients and continuously obtain feedback to ensure their demands are met. By providing our customers with demo versions, they can see if the app is working for them and if any areas need revamping.

When it comes to testing, Qubisoft uses cutting-edge technology to ensure our solution can keep up with the latest changes in your industry. Once the system is ready for release, we roll it out to you and provide comprehensive maintenance. All our solutions come with user and technical manuals where appropriate to ensure all the important information remains in your hands. In short, we ensure you’re left with a highly optimised product to help your business thrive.