Six Stages Of Our Software Development Process

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1. Requirement analysis

Introducing a Software Requirement Specification (SRS), based on client requirements. We analyse business software development goals, prospective users, and product specifications


2. Design

Discussing system requirements, hardware, and software that meet customer goals best. This phase identifies the database and overall system architecture. It also features wireframes, mock-ups, and sketches to help clients visualise their product


3. Development

The chief part of the project includes coding and unit testing


4. Testing

Employing automated or manual testing, our team ensures all layers of products are working well. The testing stage is divided into change-related, non-functional, and functional phases to make sure all goals are met


5. Deployment

Once we’ve tested and accepted the product, we roll it out to our clients. Accompanying the software solution is comprehensive documentation, including a user’s manual, system description, and tutorials on using the program.


6. Maintenance

After deploying business software solutions, our team provides continuous support and applies any changes required by the client. This ensures a streamlined system and addresses the need for enhancements or removal of necessary components.