About DHDS

DHDS are specialists in deep hole drilling of metal. They service a number of industrial clients in the manufacturing, aerospace and motorsports sectors. They wanted to improve their efficiency and accuracy of reporting on inventory levels of products, components and consumables as well as the tracking of time spent on tasks.

Traditionally this had been achieved using a paper-based system and they wanted this improved to make use of a web-based platform with a companion Android tablet application. This application needed to be easy and quick to use so that there was no additional friction when completing day to day tasks. It also needed to be able to operate during periods without internet connectivity and subsequently without data loss.

Software Design

System Development

ANDROID Development

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Accuracy in reporting
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Visiblity on inventory levels
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Effiency Tracking

Solution – DHDS

Qubisoft initially conducted an analysis of the existing process and how the data currently collected was being used. The next stage involved creating low fidelity wireframes for an Android tablet application that would be used by the employees to capture when tasks were started and completed, what components and consumables were used as well as what products were produced, shipped etc.


With approval that the tablet application would be suitable, development begin in tandem with a web-based application to communicate with the tablet application to store the data and also report on key information.

Some of the key features of the application including being able to manage clients and users, record and report on inventory levels, schedule tasks, record time spent working on tasks and documenting products and the components of which they are made.

In conjunction with DHDS, an extensive testing process was conducted with real-world data. Initially the testing process was used to enhance the user experience before focusing on data accuracy and reliability. With confidence in the functionality of both the web-based application and Android tablet application, there was a phased rollout across staff at DHDS

The system is currently in active use by everyone within DHDS across multiple tablets. It has proven to provide enhanced visibility of inventory levels as well as more accurate tracking of time required on production tasks, leading to more efficient business processes.

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