Business workflow management

Qubisoft’s Pipedrive experts can help you configure Pipedrive including integrating it with your other business software applications. We can also provide training and personlised documentation to make the process of using Pipedrive within your business a whole lot easier.

Register here for a Pipedrive trial so you can explore the benefits first hand. You will get full access to Pipedrive’s features and no credit card is required.

Key Features

This CRM solution is especially renowned for its capability to visualise the entire sales process. This helps boost efficiency and eliminate second-guessing within your team, which is one of the main reasons CRM implementations don’t take off.

Qubisoft is an expert development team that can seamlessly perform your Pipedrive integration. Here are some of the main features this platform offers:

  • Deals and sales management – getting more leads directly to your sales pipeline using custom web forms and chatbots while also managing your quotes and invoices
  • Tracking communication – monitoring emails, contact history, and calls to provide optimal visibility and a manageable schedule
  • Automation tools – eliminating the need for manual input during repetitive tasks
  • Detailed reports and insights – obtaining valuable insights specifically designed for your company, allowing you to assess your performance

Like any other third-party system, you’ll need to adapt Pipedrive to your business environment. This might be a bit daunting, but Qubisoft is here to provide all the assistance you need. We can help you learn the ropes of the system and tap into its potential. Whether you need input on Pipedrive’s lead management, security, or customer support, our tech-savvy team is at your service.

Robust Sales Management

Pipedrive serves as a sales manager to help you choose the right activities to hone in on. This makes it ideal for sales managers and business owners.

The app provides a clear view of all your sales while offering an efficient sales methodology built into your platform. Owing to the system’s Timeline View, you can select the deals you want to negotiate, allowing you to determine your priorities.

Additionally, Pipedrive is highly secure, trusted by worldwide customers. You get a safe hosting infrastructure and backups in numerous locations.

Simple Deal Closure

Pipeline developers made sure the process of adding deals is as simple as it gets. All it takes is a press of the “Add Deal” button and entering the necessary data (e.g., associated organisations, scheduled activities, closure expectancy stages, dates, etc.).

The Activity Scheduler lets you easily plan your events and arrange meetings in a calendar without any risk of duplicate entries.

The mailing tab also comes in handy. This is the hub for all your emails, where you can send files and close deals with leads not shown on the Pipedrive list.

Excellent Compatibility and Versatility

To top it all off, Pipedrive is a universal system available in 13 languages. It serves a wide range of regions and is compatible with an array of currencies, including minor and major ones.

Additionally, the open API nature ensures the system can integrate seamlessly with virtually any software landscape. You can apply it side-by-side with many business systems, such as Zapier, Dropbox, Zoho CRM, and RightSignature, further advancing your operational environment.

Email marketing is also highly optimised. The system supports Mailchimp, enabling you to automate the mailing process and reach your target customers faster.


Why Choose Us?

Qubisoft takes a customer-first approach with each step of your app development, taking your business needs into account and modelling all software capabilities around them. By employing the Agile method, we abandon any attempt to complete the entire project at once. Instead, our seasoned team breaks the tasks into smaller chunks, allowing us to hone in on key areas and reduce room for error.

We also work with our clients and continuously obtain feedback to ensure their demands are met. By providing our customers with demo versions, they can see if the app is working for them and if any areas need revamping.

When it comes to testing, Qubisoft uses cutting-edge technology to ensure our solution can keep up with the latest changes in your industry. Once the system is ready for release, we roll it out to you and provide comprehensive maintenance. All our solutions come with user and technical manuals where appropriate to ensure all the important information remains in your hands. In short, we ensure you’re left with a highly optimised product to help your business thrive.