Software Rescue & Legacy Support

Countering Software Failure

Although modern software is imbued with cutting-edge technology, it’s susceptible to all sorts of failures. Consequently, your business operations can grind to a halt, hampering employee productivity and company growth.

Software platforms can fizzle out for a large number of reasons. The system may not suit your business requirements, or your in-house developers might not have the skills to use the program adequately. Either way, the software isn’t working correctly and is losing you a lot of money.

Thankfully, you can resolve the issue by hiring software rescue services. Here at Qubisoft, we’ll use all our knowledge to identify the problem and get your system back on track as soon as possible.

Software Restoration Process

Here’s what the software restoration process generally looks like:

  • Stabilisation – Assessing the project and business delivery requirements.
  • Planning – Qubisoft works with you to create an achievable roadmap that can help achieve your vision.
  • Development – an expert team consisting of software developers, business analysts, infrastructure engineers, project managers, and testers starts revamping your software.
  • Hosting – determining the optimal solution to host the new system (e.g., using the cloud or safe data centres).
  • Maintenance and support – once the system has been restored, professional developers keep it up to date, add features, and train your employees on how to use it.

Another major problem with today’s software is outdated platforms. Older systems may be functional, but they’re generally not scalable. In most cases, these programs don’t let you connect new cloud applications or trading partners. They can also result in serious security risks, unpredictability, and inefficiency.

Malfunctioning and legacy systems spell trouble on many levels, which is why they need to be replaced or modernised. Here’s how this move can help your organisation:

Realigning Project Requirements and Reinvigorated Momentum

Programmers engaged only in passive software development without actively considering the end users’ requirements can bring about poor customer experience. Conversely, software rescue providers can work with your development teams and project owners to assess the established needs. They can determine their accuracy and realign them with your expectations. In the end, you’ll have a platform in full agreement with other business aspects that’s once again working in your favour.

Additionally, having more staff working on rescuing your platform distracts them from other crucial tasks and can drive down productivity. On the other hand, software restoration services provide the developer bandwidth necessary to recover the project. It keeps your momentum where you need it and doesn’t compromise other sectors in your enterprise.

Restoring Collaboration and Fine-tuning Your Software

If your developers misunderstand client demands, various software problems can take place. Luckily, professional program rescue teams can restore your collaborative process using tools that ensure transparency and clear communication.

Companies like Qubisoft can also pinpoint challenges in your process and recommend how to overcome them. With iteration planning, analysing requirements, coding, and testing, they can fill various gaps and remove the bottlenecks holding you back.

Modernisation Means Higher Staff Productivity

Modernised systems facilitate greater productivity in many ways:

  • New functionality and features – many enterprises unwittingly limit their operations due to the restrictions of legacy platforms. However, various changes (e.g. introducing a cloud system) allow for the implementation of new features. As a result, you can dispense with manual procedures and offer brand-new products or services to your clients after the modernisation.
  • Diversification – for instance, adding an open-source platform to your portfolio allows you to include even more functionalities to your offerings.
  • Fewer incidents – older legacy systems typically comprise iterative projects spanning several years. Re-architecting your app cleans up most technical restrictions of the prior code. Plus, modern programs are easier to diagnose, allowing you to address problems without disrupting regular workflow.

Why Choose Us?

Qubisoft takes a customer-first approach with each step of your app development, taking your business needs into account and modelling all software capabilities around them. By employing the Agile method, we abandon any attempt to complete the entire project at once. Instead, our seasoned team breaks the tasks into smaller chunks, allowing us to hone in on key areas and reduce room for error.

We also work with our clients and continuously obtain feedback to ensure their demands are met. By providing our customer with demo versions, they can see if the app is working for them and if any areas need revamping.

When it comes to testing, Qubisoft uses cutting-edge technology to ensure our solution can keep up with the latest changes in your industry. Once the system is ready for release, we roll it out to you and provide comprehensive maintenance. All our solutions come with user and technical manuals where appropriate to ensure all the important information remains in your hands. In short, we ensure you’re left with a highly optimised product to help your business thrive.